Martin Foster is bullied at school and at home by his stepfather. One day he finds a stray cat on his porch. After befriending the cat and naming him Lynx, the nightmare begins for those that have wronged Martin. Coming soon!

New Short Stories

***This Was Originally Posted on 7/2/17***

There has been a lot going on lately and finding the time to write is getting harder. Two full-length novels are still in the works, but in the meantime, I put together another short story collection. Hopefully these tales help you pass the time before the next novel is published.

Cursed Offerings contains six shorts. Some of you who were around during the Wicked Writings era may remember a couple of the characters in a few of these tales. I hope you enjoy them.

Theatre of Sorrow

The new short story collection, Theatre of Sorrow, is now available on Amazon. Seven tales of the macabre await!

Kyle Reign and other news…

The third installment of the Reign trilogy is almost complete. Two other planned novels are also in the works and be out some time in 2017.

Falling Reign Book Trailer

The new trailer for Falling Reign, book one of the Kyle Reign series, can be found here

Dark Creations

The short novella, Dark Creations, is now available on Amazon. Find out what happens when a madman hunts four friends through an elementary school.

Roadside Tragedies

Roadside Tragedies is now available in paperback. As with the e-book version, this title is only available through Amazon. You can pick up your copy here Amazon.