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Lynx Working III

Lynx – In the small town of Lost Oaks, a killer has arrived on four paws.

Martin Foster is a lonely child. He is bullied at school and by his stepfather at home. After the death of his real father, Lincoln, a stray cat appears on Martin’s porch. Naming him Lynx; the cat becomes Martin’s best friend, and a nightmare to those who have done Martin wrong. Available on Amazon.


Falling Reign A killer has arrived in the small town of Lost Oaks. One that preys on the children and leaves the victims with a mark carved into their cheeks. Detective Kyle Reign and his partner Nick Turner are assigned to the case after finding a warning written on a motel room wall in blood. The killer begins to taunt Reign with bizarre phone calls, labeling himself The Sorrow Man and soon sets his sights on Nick’s young son as his next victim. While investigating a tip regarding The Sorrow Man’s whereabouts, Reign is murdered by corrupt members of his own police department in order to cover up their own illegal activities. Kyle finds himself as a ghost in the spirit world where the souls of both the living and the dead can provide a feast for psychic vampires who feed upon their energy. Armed with little knowledge of this new world and some unique abilities, Reign attempts to protect those he has come to know from the threats of the vampires while continuing his hunt for The Sorrow Man. Available on Amazon.


Steady Reign The brutal murder of a woman in her home is witnessed by a young boy from his bedroom window. The killers see the witness too late and hatch a plan to silence the boy, believing he can reveal their identities. It has been one year now since the death of Detective Kyle Reign and there has been no sign of The Sorrow Man – leaving many to believe that the sadistic killer has moved on to another town. Kyle’s former partner, Nick Turner, however, tells Kyle that The Sorrow man is back and once again threatening Nick’s young son. While attempting to unravel clues to the identity of The Sorrow Man, Kyle accepts a task from Gilson to find the spirit of Rose’s grandfather. During a visit to the police department, Kyle crosses paths with two scared kids sitting with their parents. Intrigued, Kyle takes an interest in them and looks deeper into their case where what he finds is a horrifying plot against the children who are now missing from all official police files. With rumors that Rogue and his band of psychic vampires are back in Lost Oaks, Kyle won’t stop until he uncovers the truth behind the missing children, finds Rose’s grandfather, and puts an end to The Sorrow Man’s murderous deeds. Available on Amazon.


Redemption Road Enter the world of a twisted religious group that has deemed their leader to be the judge, jury, and redeemer of tarnished souls – torturing the sinners to purity in the name of God. Once a soul is sponsored, there is no deviating from the path of salvation. The unwitting and unwilling are placed on the ‘Road to Redemption’, helpless to remove themselves from the path. Salvation lies only at the end of the journey. Jesse is a drug addict, a low-level thug, and a drug dealer. He leads a life of lies and cares for little but his own pleasure and ease. Despite this, someone thinks his soul is worth saving and has offered their sponsorship. When he goes missing, dealers Vincent and Duke want to find him and the product they believe Jesse stole from them. Jesse’s ex, Kate, believes something awful has happened to him. When the police and Jesse’s father turn their backs on her, telling her Jesse isn’t worth the trouble, Kate goes to Vincent and pleads for him to help her find Jesse. Travel the road to redemption – a road of murder, lies, drugs, and lost love; where unlikely heroes are made and surprising choices have unexpected consequences. Available on Amazon.


Dark Creations (Novella) Evil has drifted into the quiet town of Pleasant Creek. A man, disregarded by society and considered to be simple-minded, decides to redefine his purpose in life. John Kemp has reached his limits and decides he will not be taken advantage of any longer by the townsfolk. He plan to start a new endeavor, an endeavor into murder. Four friends become the first targets of John Kemp. A night of partying soon turns into a night of survival as John tracks them to an elementary school. Will the four friends survive the night? Or will John Kemp become the victor in his newly found purpose in this world? Available on Amazon

Short Story Collections


 Roadside Tragedies Travel down the highway of horror with five tales of terror. A man faces the consequences of his ill-mannered driving habits. A child discovers he has the ability to manipulate time. There are those that are waiting on the other side of our world trying to crossover by unfathomable means. A home invasion goes horribly wrong and a man attending a support group gets more than he bargained for. Journey through the nightmarish world of the lost and forsaken. Available on Amazon.


Theatre of Sorrow Seven tales of horror shall take you on a journey through terror, where the supernatural and the macabre enter into the lives of ordinary people. Discover the evil truth of an old antique radio and one man’s desperate battle against ants. These stories and more are waiting for you in the Theatre of Sorrow. Enjoy the show! Available on Amazon.


Cursed Offerings Six new tales of horror await you. A day laborer is offered work from a sinister old man. A prison psychologist discovers there is something more deep beneath the criminal mind of an inmate. There are those that should never have been among the living and nature fights to erase its mistake. Available on Amazon.



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